Workshop Content

The program available to you is part of a national awareness program that helps people realize they have a tremendous influence over their own health. You already know that knowledge is power. And healthcare knowledge can save lives.

When speaking with human resources and medical professionals nationwide, the Dr’s at Life 4 Lunch came up with a variety of health and wellness topics that would be most impactful. Our program includes fascinating (and often startling) information on nutrition, stress management, smoking cessation, exercise, lifestyle choices, even how to actively promote health within your own family.

Our seminars are designed to be fun, as studies have shown that we retain a lot more information when the content is entertaining. Often, the doctor will donate additional services to your group, such as answering questions on their area of specialty and free prizes for class participation.

Our first commitment is to provide you with cutting edge information in a friendly format. The presenters are all professional, practicing doctors who are passionate about what they do. Plus, they’re a lot of fun!