Why Life 4 Lunch?

Research shows that the vast majority of all medical problems are associated with modifiable health risk factors. The majority of these health risk factors and the diseases they cause are a direct result of personal choice and habits; smoking, over eating and poor nutrition, excessive alcohol use, failing to manage stress, a sedentary lifestyle and other poor health practices.

Correctable clinical maladies, such as hypertension, diabetes, and depression are sometimes ignored through personal choice and therefore not controlled. Studies show that today, nine out of ten people will die from either cancer or heart disease, yet nearly seven out of ten of these cases can be prevented with simple integration and a use of information such as nutrition, diet, and exercise. One of our main goals is to provide you with this information.

By introducing a fun and educational format to encourage people to take a look at their health and the choices that have created it, Life 4 Lunch works to reduce health risk factors and replace them with healthy choices, healthy people and healthy employees.